Gas Tank

In Bunker Survivor, the Gas Tank room is where you can upgrade the gas tanks of your vehicles, allowing them to withstand longer and more fruitful expeditions into the wastelands.

Gas Tank functions

  1. Extending Wasteland Expeditions: The primary function of the Gas Tank room is to upgrade your cars' gas tanks. A higher-level gas tank enables your vehicles to stay in the wastelands for more extended periods, gathering more metal resources with each expedition.

initially your gas tank level is 1.

Upgrading the gas tank from level 1 to level 3 progressively extends the expedition duration, with the maximum limit being 8 hours at level 3.

To improve your gas tank, you'll need to spend Coins, the in-game currency. Carefully consider when and how to allocate your Coins for these upgrades, as it will impact your overall resource management strategy.

Gas Tank stats


Cost (coins)

Max. time in wastelands



4 hours



6 hours



8 hours

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